The PIR is an Automated Monitoring Equipment that assists in the correct installation of augered cast in place (ACIP) / continuous flight auger (CFA) and drilled displacement piles by displaying target versus actual poured concrete volume in real time.

The equipment may be installed in any crane, including those operating with low headroom. As the crane proceeds from pile to pile, the operator easily monitors the installation of every pile on the job. At the same time, an inspector or supervisor may follow the installation on the wireless PIR-Viewer.

“Chris-Hill Construction Company, LLC is pleased to report that the few auger cast projects in which we have rented the PIR turned out much better than we anticipated. The installation was simple, the PIR system performed without any faults and the overall savings in grout basically paid for the rental. The paper trail that the PIR gives the contractor is like a 3rd party inspector for the contractor. There is no more need for sloppy, hand written field reports laced with mud and grout. The supervisor can spend his time ‘supervising’ the project and not counting pump strokes. And the office does not have to waste their time trying to interpret and reprint something that [may be illegible]. Thanks PDI for another innovative device made to simplify a complicated industry.”

– Craig Christenbury, Chief Manager, Chris-Hill Construction Company, LLC

“The first time we used it, we identified a soft area at the toe that we had missed during our regular inspection. Since then, we specify the PIR on all of our auger cast pile projects.”

– Philip Erbland, Ardaman & Associates, Inc.

The key parameters for a precise installation are pumped grout volume and auger depth. The PIR accurately records and displays both in real time. The equipment consists of a main unit installed in the crane cabin, a depth measurement device*, a Foxboro magnetic flow meter, a pressure transducer that gives an indication of the auger torque and an auger rotation measurement. The Angle Analyzer, a device that measures pile angle of installation, is an optional accessory, as is the PIR-Viewer.

The PIR is totally operated through the touch screen display of the main unit. Its large readouts provide useful, easy to see information to the crane operator.

Results may be printed in the form of an installation log, on a small field printer, immediately after each pile is completed. Once data is downloaded to a computer the PIR-PLOT Software performs further analysis and outputs installation and productivity reports, along with graphs of key parameters versus depth.

The Pile Installation Recorder conforms with the Federal Highway Administration Geotechnical Engineering Circular (GEC) #8 - and with the Deep Foundations Institute Augered Cast-In-Place Piles Manual.

* US Patent No. 8612175